MCCONNEL POWER ARM 5155 for sale

Price: POA
5.1m reach
Left hand or Right hand build option
Choice of three-point or five-point axle-mounting
Parallel arm geometry
Hydraulic safety breakaway
Hy-reach Arm geometry
Power Slew
55hp high performance hydraulic system
Storage support legs
Operator friendly

Tractor Requirements

3000kg minimum tractor weight
60hp minimum tractor horsepower

Lift Float Kit
The McConnel lift float kit enables the Flailhead (or other attachments to automatically follow the contours of the ground in a vertical plane. Ideally suited for verge mowing the lift float kit greatly reduces the need for operator input. Activating the Lift Float mode is done via the in-cab Power Arm controls.
Angle Float Kit
McConnel Angle float kits are fitted to all Power Arms with electric controls as standard. It enables the Flailhead (or other attachments) to automatically follow the contours of the ground in a horizontal plane. Ideally suited for verge mowing the Angle float kit greatly reduces the need for operator input. Activating the Angle Float mode is done via the in-cab Power Arm controls.
Parallel Arm Geometry This feature enables the operator to adjust the reach of the machines arms, without the need to continuously adjust the 'lift' service in order to compensate for the change in head pivot height - as would be the case with conventional arm geometry.
Hy-Reach Geometry
Hy-reach arm geometry enables the cutting attachment to cut tight to the tractor at any height within the cutting range, ideal for cutting hedges at all hights in narrow lanes and other situations where space is at a premium. The high positioning of the rocker pillar also gives excellent over fence clearance and down bank reach.
Power Slew
Power Slew is available on Power Arms from PA50 and upwards and enables the arm to rotate 100° backwards from working position. (this may vary depending on model) Power slew not only enables the arms to fold in to a compact transport position, it also gives the operator the ability to cut behind them, ideal for cutting ot corners in hedge rows.
Safety Breakaway
All McConnel Power Arms incorporate a safety breakaway system that provides protection to the Power Arm and cutting attachment. Non Power Slew models use a mechanical system which allows the dipper arm to break back when the arms or cutting attachment comes into contact with a foreign object. Power slew models work in the same principle but break back movement comes via the slew ram.
Orbitor Head Bracket
McConnel orbitor head bracket fits between the cutting attachment and the dipper arm giving an extra angle of movement. This enables the Power Arm to cut within the width of the tractor, ideal when working in narrow lanes (only applicable with power slew models). The Orbitor head bracket is powered by a single ram which is incorporated into the bracket for protection.
Midcut Pack
The midcut pack consists of a fixed cranked dipper arm which brings the flailhead in-line with the operator. This improves the visibility of the flailhead and reduces the need for the operator to look over their shoulder allowing more attention to be given to what is happening in front of the tractor.
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